I’ve returned from the Hamptons Artist Residency!


May 10, 2012 by Rivky

Wow, it’s been a long and uplifting month for me.  I’ve been away, creating art in a magical oasis.  So conducive for artistic development. creative development. I’m so thankful and blessed to have crossed paths with wonderful people who have graciously opened their doors to allow artists to flow freely and expand their emotional and physical  process of creative movement and energy in all forms. It has been inspiring, reflective and a whimsical surreal experience to be able to expand my mind with love, peace and laughter.  In addition to frolicking in gardens barefooted, flying on tire swings, climbing tree houses and climbing elephant trees, I’ve gone cycling through glorious fields of daisies and daffodils while catching the rush of a sunrise, a sunset and even sped down a foggy winding road, brushing against dewy green grass and dampened leaves on a rain-clouded filled afternoon.

It is a marvelous wonder at how much one can learn within the span of ten days, away from routine distractions. It is remarkable how much the brain can comprehend, absorb and process within such a short period of time.  I worked on a large scale project which is something I haven’t been able to do since I usually work in my bedroom or on my living room table.  I found an old door in my house which I dragged with me to the Hamptons. When I arrived there I felt clueless and disoriented as to what I would do. After two days of being surrounded by peaceful gardens, nature and endless creative inspiration I found myself working on the door -and quite quickly and intensely towards completion.  And now this art piece will be in a July show at the Hampton Residency Space.

I also wanted to document the ‘In The Black’ show that took place at Fountain Gallery last month. I’ve been so busy and multi-tasking which I’m awful at! so, I will display a few photos of the door and studio.  I will at some point try to show some photos of  ‘In The Black’   in the next post!

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One thought on “I’ve returned from the Hamptons Artist Residency!

  1. Ruth Parson says:

    wow, wow, wow, Rivky! terrific photos and i love your door. sure would like to see the textures in person. i would also love to hear the story of how you came about this wonderful art residency. thank you so much for making this blog. xox

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