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Recently chosen for New York Musical Theater’s composers of 2019!!!!!!!!!!   PERFORMANCE: SONY HALL, NYC (SHARING SONG “HEAR MR. HONEY” (GRAMMY WINNING AMY LEE/RIVKY)                                                                                                                     Click here:


Happy Purim!

My mother was born in Venezeula and I decided to explore some spanish Purim songs and found this beauty. Here’s a an impromptu quirky recording of me singing yesterday!

(The instruments you’re hearing are found objects around my home, lol, food sprinkles in a shaker, clapping my hands, off beat tamborine, vocal layering and much, MUCH silliness).

“Sephardic Jews tell the story of Purim in coplas, i.e., poems in Ladino composed from the late 17th century on, which deal largely with Jewish holidays and historical events…”…



Thank you, gosh that’s quite a beautiful review on my work. #HearMeMrHoney And some extra lovin #Hallelujah #LeonardCohenπŸ’œ A&R Factory Amelia Vandergast #AmyLee #BrianSanders yes, this is a special one indeed & it couldn’t have come at a more powerful moment right now. Much love to all of u that might be struggling. #reshare #newartist #ThankfulThursday soon to be #FridayFeeIing πŸ™Š


We did it. We spread light. πŸ™Š

On 9/11 Broadway and community singers came together. We raised our voices in tribute for 8 minute surprise sets as we quietly walked the streets of NYC, spreading light, love and much needed healing, from Times Square to Washington Square Park.

Here’s a little footage thanks to Sam Wilson who captured special moments as we made our rounds.  

AND Thank you to everyone who supported this project. Because of you this came to life!!!!! Much gratitude!

9/11 Tribute Choir

I felt inspired to create a 9/11 tribute choir.
15 Broadway/Theater singers will walk around NYC, 7:30-9:30pm. We plan on quietly gathering to raise our voices in tribute for brief 8 minute surprise sets as we secretly weave through the rush of NYC, sort of ‘caroling’ style our way around Times Square at 7:30-8:15pm and a final stop at Washington Square Park from 9-10pm. The Times Square police precinct will be participating and standing together with us at the 7:30pm tribute. Feel free to see us at one or all of them.
We are just NY singers spreading some light this September.
Tomorrow’s time/locations subject to change slightly, please follow updates here:
*****Pass this hat around for the incredible team that will be moving with us from location to location!!! Just click link!**************


How memorable and special to meet Amy Lee and have her produce my song?!!?!

“Hear Me, Mr. Honey”
Produced by Pop Artist, Amy Lee from Evanescence

Piano, Lyrics: Rivky
Cello: Brian Sanders
Producer: Amy Lee

β€‹β€œI am drawn to Rivky by her raw talent. What I love about her as an artist is the strength in her vulnerability- absolutely beautiful. I can’t wait to hear more from her!” -Amy Lee, Evanescence

😍 Well then. Guess I can now cross that off my list, lol. πŸ’™


The Day After. Jingle Free. Originals.
With the lovely Kenneth O’Connor serving you with kindness, patience and just a hint of sarcasm for those who need it most, post jingling. Playing originals while someone buys me a Guinness. Cheers.

The 11th St. Bar 
Dec 26th
9-10:30pm510 EAST 11TH STREET, NEW YORK, NY 10009
PHONE 212.982.3929 

*Supporters of local music click here, if you wish! 
Warmest holiday to all of you! ❀


Listen to Pandora?

Hi everyone!
This year has been filled with a lot of new projects and I’m honored to be working with such incredible writers and actors that have woven my music into their material and performance! Writer and Director, Jack Feldstein and I will be putting on a bit of a Storytelling/Cabaret reading at the wonderful Duplex Cabaret Theater in NYC’s Greenwich Village. Do come out for a night of storytelling, silliness and a bit of my bluesy, Caba-Rock singing. It would be fantastic to see all of you there!
A Wondrous Tale About Emma Brooks

A Wondrous Tale About Emma Brooks combines the exquisite songs of Rivky, musically directed by David Seamon and narration written and performed by Jack Feldstein. With music and story, the tale of sixteen year old Emma Brooks unfolds, as she jumps into mad rivers and meets memorable characters along the way. Some of them are friendly; some of them are sly. All of them lead her to a most curious, wondrous adventureβ€”and, ultimately, into self discovery.

Written and directed by Jack Feldstein
Songs/Lyrics by Rivky
Musical Director: David Seamon

Jack Feldstein
David Seamon
Mariella Klinger
Brian Sanders

Followed by 9/11 tribute and an evening of singing with Rivky, Brian and friends!!

$10 Ticket in Advance & a 2 Drink Minimum in the Cabaret Theatre*

$15 Ticket at the Door (plus service fee) & a 2 Drink Minimum in the Cabaret Theatre*

*Drinks Must be purchased In the Cabaret Theatre to count towards the Minimum.

Sunday, September 11th

Duplex Cabaret Theater
NYC, NY 10014
FOR INFORMATION CALL: (212) 255-5438

*Under 21 won’t be admitted without parent/guardian. Please contact the venue to fill out permission slip!


For those of you who haven’t yet checked out some music, do so at your own leisure here!
Cello Soul At The Persian Cafe: 
Roar (Katy Perry cover demo, experimental)


Beneath The Greenless Garden:
Mango Tree:
Feel free to download music!
See you at The Duplex!! πŸ™‚
 Playing The Bitter End!!!
Thursday April 21st
147 Bleecker St, New York, New York 10012
Get your tickets here!


Brian Sanders on Cello
Ben Kramarz on Guitar
Dave Seamon on Keys
Noah Silver on Guitar
Matt Teitelman on Drums

And the Choir:
Sarah Capers, Daniela Sirotti, Jack Feldstein, Aryella Silver, Mimi Miriam, and Mariella Klinger

Um, aaand other lovelies that may or may not jump on stage at some point or another, lol?!!

Playing songs from the Album, Angel Sings The Blues!!
Including other melodies like, Lonely Bird and Mr. Honey!!

And if there’s time…a few other bits of new thingies.
Oh. And if I remember to make a batch, some Pistachio Bourbon Butterrrrrrrrrr…..and other merch that I’ll probably be completely unaware of until I plop stuff down at the table, ha.


Have a listen to some music:

See you there!!

Hey, how’s about a Christmas eve festivus party with some friends, at some local Brooklyn bar this Thursday. And afterward, We’ll feed you all some Chulent and potato kugel with your beer, y’know to wash a few of those jingles off. Yes, I’ll bring some candy canes and belated dreidel playing.
I’ll share some Chanukah memories from when I was kid, like, this one time, when it was freezing outside and I got my tongue stuck to this massive, silver Menorah in the schoolyard and -oy, what a scene, like out of a movie, I mean, all those kids, just staring and, oh, the Rabbi wasn’t pleased. I was a little ferklempt, when suddenly I realized my body started to morph… into something…strange…this hideous, frosty, Ice Beetle, let me tell you. What a Shmetamorphasis that was…
Lori Leifer, Mimi, Rivky, Jack Feldstein:
Dreidels, candy canes, stories, poems, friends and -oh maybe a tune thrown in from the Chassid Jinglers..
This Thurs, Dec 24th, 8-9:45ishpm
(We’ll do our best not to follow Jewish standard time…’Tis Christmas eve, after all).
Freddy’s Bar
627 5th ave
Brooklyn, NY 11215
(Followed by more partying at Chulent’s home, 10:30-3am, just around the corner, 553 4th Ave between 15th & 16th st in Brooklyn)
Happy Holidays πŸ˜‰


A Wondrous Tale About Emma Brooks…
With Rivky, Brian Sanders And Jack Feldstein
And joining on sweet harmonic vocals, Sarah Capers!
Dixon Place
161 Chrystie St, New York, NY 10002
(212) 219-0736
Nov 7th, Saturday 7:30pm
Come Early!

A Wondrous Tale About Emma Brooks, combines the exquisite songs of Rivky, accompanied by talented cellist Brian Sanders with, a narration written and performed by Jack Feldstein. Music and story unfold, as sixteen year old, Emma Brooks, finds herself jumping into mad rivers, meeting memorable characters along the way, some of them friendly, some of them sly…all of them leading her to a most curiously, wondrous adventure…into self discovery.

*You can listen to some of the songs on Pandora, Spotify, YouTube or just check out Soundcloud, Bandcamp!


Super excited for another special night hosting some of my musical friends at everyone’s home away from home, BACKYARD.

This month I’ve assembled an eclectic group of fine folks I’ve met throughout my musical journey in Brooklyn. Would love for you to come share in this evening from start to finish.

Hear some beautiful music. Taste some killer food. Sip on some fancy bourbon, fine wine & craft beer on tap.

Music starts at 8pm sharp.
Parade Grounds /
Rivky Grossman /
Ivan Sandomire


Backyard Picnic Potluck: Indoor Summer Stage And Animal Food Art!!

Bring your blankets, your summer outfits, your hats, flip flops or just leave your shoes at the door! No need for bug spray!! πŸ˜‰

Go make a messy kitchen and bring your completed food art to the table!

Design anything or relate it to the theme of the group exhibit that you’ll currently get to see at Fountain Gallery!

“Animal Impact” Curated by Heather Cammarata-Seale
JUNE 25 – AUGUST 12, 2015

Rivky: Piano/Vocals
Brian Sanders: Cello
With Special guest performances that might just bring the animal soul out of you, Rarrrrr!!

Doors open: 6pm
Concert: 7:15-9pm
itunes, Amazon, Spotify, Pandora Radio or simply download at Bandcamp!

Fountain Gallery
Tuesday August 4th, 6-9:15pm
702 Ninth Avenue @ 48th St.
New York, NY 10019

Go ignite your spark!! Get your friends involved, invite them! Be sure to bring enough food so that everyone can have just a little bit to taste!

If you’re feeling reeeeally creative with food, find singers/musical groups who have animal band names…Maybe even go a little word crazy!! Soup (Snoop) Doggy Dog…Jelly Phish? You can write the name inside a folded piece of paper placed beside your art piece so that people can guess who!

Use any ingredients as long as their edible! Make it fancy, simple or just plain silly.

**Be mindful and note the times above. Thank you!
*These events will be updated, changed periodically.

Frolicking this mellow Summer, cooking in various friends’ kitchens and singing until it all becomes one big smoky haze of Soulful, Foodie, Songiness all around. And perhaps food and beverages that you will kindly contribute to our byob table!

I finally might attempt to sell some of my homemade pistachio butter too, sweet and salty yumminess!

LIMITED seating at a lot of these spots. Come early!

Events will begin 6:30pm and often end no later than 10pm – which means we must exit location on time!
** Unless of course, permission granted, it shall be noted!

Be kind, be respectful, keep things tidy -you know the drill, folks!


May 3rd, 6pm Reading!!
A new Musical/Cabaret project in development!!
THE KINGDOM OF VINCENT GRAPELLIA NYC actor, Vincent Grapelli, has lost his way in life and must find it again…It’s a magical show that’s both cabaret and musical theater,
No Reserved Seating! Seating is on a first come, first served basis. Please arrive early to ensure seating.Cast:Pianist/Singer/Narrator: Rivky Grossman
Cellist: Brian Sanders
Vincent Grapelli: Xander Chauncey
Robert Koutras
Heather Massie
Sarah Capers
Bethany Geraghty
312 West 36th Street, 4th Floor East, New York, New York 10018


***Latest Happenings In May***
Cabaret/Musical! Still in development at the Workshop Theater Company, written and directed by Jack Feldstein, featuring 20 songs by Rivky!!

—Details to follow!!

Live At The Bitter End!!! (NYC)
Rivky, With Guest Cellist, Luna Skye!!Including special performance with the “Scared Little Mouse” (who sometimes, but not often, goes by Mimi Klein), on Guitar/Vocals!!!Yes, yes, its todes cray cray and dorbs!When: Jan 2nd, Friday night 7pm
Where: The Bitter End
147 Bleecker Street
(between Thompson and LaGuardia)
New York City, NY 10012
daniela project sepia photo cover
Follow us to hear more music and to check out current happenings:



“Mad About Art was a great success last night! We sold nearly 50k worth of art, raised a lot more for Fountain Gallery. I was also thrilled to have Suzanne Vega perform and send her off with a piece of art. Rivky Grossman also spoke and performed an amazing set. Thanks to all who helped make it a killer event!” -Jason Bowman, Director



Buy music on iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp and more!

Previous shows 2013

A Creative Stew of Art and Music.

Rivky will sing some of her original compositions, read some of her poems & present some of her paintings.

Rivky Grossman is a self-taught artist, Pianist, singer and writer who is thankful to have discovered a way to uniquely & unexpectedly blend all of her skills into a curious routine of creative exploration, bringing her passions to life, while living with the challenges of mental illness and fighting its stigma. Her artwork has been shown in NYC & The Hamptons & is currently exhibiting in Endicott College in Massachusetts. Some works, like the controversial piece, “Teffilin Nude” and “Haiku Swaying In The Sun”, have been sold to art collectors, Heidi Rigney amongst them. As an artist, Rivky primarily works with pastel, acrylic and collage. You can find Rivky blogging about her latest art projects, including “The Positivity Project”, (ask her about it!).  For current artwork you can visit .

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