Art show at Fountain Gallery


March 5, 2012 by Rivky

This will be the first time and first show that I’ve invited people from so many different parts of my life…and I’ve made it public. eek. Not to say that everyone will attend. But, it will be interesting to see all my worlds collide through Art. In addition to anxiously putting myself out there, it will be the first sort of controversial piece that I’ve done regarding religious influences…which heavily touches on the core of who I am and how I was raised..and how I choose to live my life currently.

I feel apprehensive. I feel acknowledged. I feel jittery. I feel scared. I feel content. I feel curious. I feel inhibited. I feel touched. I feel inspired. I feel strengthened. I feel shy. I feel unabashed, unprincipled, doubtful, hesitant, proud, humbled and appreciative to know where I stand and thankful to have insight into who I am creatively, spiritually, emotionally and intellectually.

I was just discussing with a friend the difference between being proud of yourself and having too much pride. Where is this division? Is there a line? Are they two completely separate things? Has the definition of the word ego been blurred by theory and culture? Has the word self-esteem been blurred by theory and culture? Can I ‘brag’ about myself without it being misconstrued or distorted by a person’s human development and the progress of positive growth? I used the word ‘brag’ to make a statement. Now re-track: Can I express what my strengths are without my OWN brain sparking a flash of influenced societal doubt and insecurity that may potentially be misconstrued and distorted by THEIR brains sparking a flash of what these definitions convey linguistically, culturally?

Are we all slightly confused? Has the ego been blurred and muddled and possibly damaged…by society’s misinterpretation? How do we take back the individual term of ego, pride, confidence and success and make it our own, without narcissistic, self-centered and conceited falsifications? Where can the balance be restored of, not just the etymological basis for how we communicate and are perceived but, also from an introspective angle that can hold itself independently powerful and from irreverently remaining culturally skewed?

Side Note: I’m good at art, good at singing, good at writing and oh so proud of myself for being able to share it with all sorts of individuals that are a part of my life and my world.

I’m still filled with anticipatory anxiety about worlds colliding and clashing, along with a mildly controversial piece that will be hung on the gallery wall. I will clank my glass of wine and celebrate my freedom to be me.

(and just in case you so ever happen to be in the neighborhood, my work will be up March 15, 2012 at Fountain Gallery. NYC.

4 thoughts on “Art show at Fountain Gallery

  1. ruth0 says:

    Lot’s to think about! My intuition says you are in just the right place, pride. It feels good. It is good. Ego? Yes, it’s certainly been jostled around over the decades. I generally avoid the word and go for words more easily understood. Just want to say thank you for sharing all this. And, letting us know your art is showing is a service to your community. I only wish I could be there and completely trust that you will post some excellent documentation of the opening and your work! Yay Rivky! x r

    • Rivky Jee says:

      aw, yay Ruth! thank you so much for your lovely kind words of encouragement. it would be so wonderful if you came for a visit. will do my best to document it. hugz!


  2. Spoon Feast says:

    Good Luck! I hope your show goes well. Will you be able to share your gallery exhibit on your blog? I’d love to see your work.
    No matter whether people like it or not, it is the thought process and the conversations the work inspires that is part of the process as well.
    Art goes far beyond self, especially when you have the guts to put it out there. That is where the separation of ego and pride exists. The art becomes social commentary
    Good for you.

  3. Rivky Jee says:

    Thank you so very much for your support and feedback! I will definitely try to share the exhibit and updates!

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