Hey, Mr. Honey. It’s September

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September 13, 2015 by Rivky

There’s nothing quite like the changing of Seasons. Yesterday, the first cooler breeze rattled the browning tops of swaying, timber. Branches rustling off the rouge-tinted, vintage trees, which shifted my attention to the atmosphere. My face lifted upward, eyes gradually squinting. I had been swept into a hugging embrace with a warmer melody. I paused, with ease for just a minute as I felt the Sun. I listened, taking in her elegant, golden musical notes from the horizon. The sharp color and stark edged lines of this, strikingly cobalt, sapphire-blue sky, contrasting beside this single, gentle white, rolling cloud that I could almost touch with my hand. Could it really be that all of this was indeed, miles and miles and miles away?
Just the word, September, pulls at my lips, puttering out the sound, filling itself with a sort of temperament, a rich wonder, such color, texture, all these moody elements. Perhaps you’re feeling a sense of profound loss, hope, peace, a bitter melancholy or an intoxicatingly, sweet euphoria. Wherever you might be holding, you and I are holding on. On to the unexpected, of an often, impalpable, some-THING. Onward, we speed along, inside this wide expanse, on this continuum. Changing, moving, old, new, endings, beginnings, round and round. On these THINGS. On these, lives…we call our own. Propelled we are, by the silent force of time itself.
And let’s all inhale this breath together now…in….and…out……
May these days ahead be filled with an intoxicating, sweetened euphoria that bring with it, a deeper strength, a deeper love, a deeper peace, a deeper bravery, a deeper motivation, that gently guides you forward, giving you a permission to see your higher self, your self-awareness. Yes, a knowledge, that YOU, unquestionably own – that, perhaps you may have forgotten…or that you have never recognized before…
And for those that celebrate this particular month, please do kindly treat yourselves to a most, sweetened, honeyed up New Year.
Much love and hugz. 😉
*And for those of you who haven’t heard this tune, enjoy.
Hey, Mr. Honey

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