For All The Unkind Hearts That You Cross Paths With In Your Lifetime…

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May 6, 2015 by Rivky

About a month ago I shared my music with a director, who then weaved it into his script, and then shared it with a musical director, who then shared it with a cast who then arranged a first rehearsal in this theater room in NYC. Not knowing what to expect, I entered the room, hearing, for the FIRST time, the sound of a choir echoing harmonies, of this song, “Angel Sings The Blues”…and…I…just…cried. I had never heard my music like THAT before. I’m just so touched by how determined, willing and open they all were to learn so many songs -a smidge unstructured…which can make it just a wee bit challenging! It’s been inspiring, encouraging, strengthening, scary, DIFFICULT and beautiful.
Jack Feldstein, Dave Seamon, Brian Sanders, Heather Massie, Xander Chauncey, Bethany Geraghty, Sarah Capers, Robert Koutras

For all the unkind hearts that you cross paths with in your lifetime -and you will surely meet them…you will also, meet many, many kind hearts along the way, that, undoubtedly can wipe away a residue of bitterness which, often it may seem, can leave your own heart weary. When you find yourself discouraged, you, must boldly seek them out and indulge in this tenderness.

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