When There’s Nothing Left Inside You Keep Singing Still.


January 27, 2017 by Rivky

Kenneth O’Connor says I shall play some tunes for you lovelies Tues evening. I swear there’s this warm glow forever surrounding that place…you should come see it for yourself.

The 11th St. Bar
Songs from the album, Angel Sings The Blues. And other beautiful chaos.
With Brian Sanders: The sweetest spirit in NYC playing Cello

These peculiar days have been filled of politics and death.
I’m not sure of the state of things, really.

When it feels like nothing is left inside you just keep singing still.

Tues Jan 31st
The 11th St. Bar

Listen to Pandora?

Angel Sings The Blues

4 thoughts on “When There’s Nothing Left Inside You Keep Singing Still.

  1. Harbans says:

    When there is nothing left and you still sing means you have enough of internal strength left which makes you to sing.

    • Rivky Gee says:

      Hi Harbans, thank you for a lovely philosophical message to ponder 🙂 Indeed. perhaps it’s dependent on how a word may be loosely or strictly defined, as well as allowing room to ponder the blank space preceding…nothing. As you have aptly done. Thank you.

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