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March 2, 2013 by Rivky

Unkempt Mind
Painful spasms in the pit of my stomach
Deep nausea of a nervous anticipation,
 of something foreboding
A blended mass of a dark, sacred,
mysterious, unknowing
glob of a curious amoeba
Formed into conformity, adjusting
 and resisting the change
 of my amalgamated unkempt mind
What is the self that is Me
at the very core of the whirling storm
spinning it dreariness in my mind’s eye
Drifting in and out of the familiar and non-familiar
dizzying kaleidoscope of an
altered stream of cacophonous discordance
Not like the angelic choir that resides
in the undisrupted dimension of harmony
a soothing glimpse of peace in my dystopia

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