Synchronicity or Coincidence? Which Do You Prefer?

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December 21, 2011 by Rivky

Synchronicity or coincidence? which do you prefer? Three people that I’ve known from three different places in my life, from three different decades, from three separate worlds -all have contacted me within the span of these three weeks. And with each person my life has changed dramatically in regard to:

1. Physical development

2. Emotional development

3. Spiritual development

I’m unsure how to respond to them -particularly because of the reserved, sort of vague sense of clarity and intent that these short messages entailed. Do I question their level of sincerity? Maybe. Do I question their reason for contacting me now? Maybe. Is this part of THEIR stage of life development? Maybe. Do they simply want to clear their conscience and move forward? Maybe.

Whatever the reason could be, I will attempt to NOT respond scathingly. I will attempt to focus on human nature and the ego that is oh so heavily involved in who we are on this earth…and I will look at this. As a blip on the journey of, not just my development or lack of it but, also their journey as well. Taking a deep breath now. We can continue forward.

Happy Holidays.

Merry Christmas.

Happy Chanukah.

Happy Kwanza too.

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