A boy named Jonah Mowry..just another kid…with a message.

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December 4, 2011 by Rivky

I wish I could formulate more words right now to express how important this issue is..but I think this youtube clip speaks for itself. Jonah Mowry is a 14 yr old boy who, whether intentionally or not, has helped spread the message about the pandemic of bullying that has taken over through the years at an alarmingly increasing rate, NOT just in schools…but in the adult world..which magnifies this serious issue way more than most people would like to believe. Even reading the comment responses below the clip brought on such an unsettling feeling of how people are easily influenced and swayed toward what is considerably wrong. or right. I can go on and on about Reality Tv and the likes but I wouldn’t know where to start on that either…and the bullying will continue. What will be the change? Who can make the change? Where does it stem from? One kid, one video…one message.

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