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November 26, 2011 by Rivky

Epiphany. The knowledge of discovering yourself is the stepping stone to eternal achievement. Coming to realize that because you exist, therefore you’ve already defined the epiphany of YOU.  Nothing less than bliss should be tasted on your parched lips. Humour has potential to replace the marks of sour irony, halting currents, tides, immersed in your sea of synaptic fog. Enough of this bit of a quandary claiming a hold on the spaces in between real time.  Don’t bother with the jigsaw sprawled recklessly  about -dispose of it before the mind can fathom its quick thinking. Swallowing the rest of you along with it. Slowness in your numb limbs may allow a graceful, impending collapse into the abyss.  Stretch yourself with a lion’s yawn…and maybe you can possibly ink your way out of this scribble.


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