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@RockwoodMusicHall this Thurs Nov 7th 2019, 8:20pm!

Impromptu, come hang out while I share, shmooze over a Guinness. Tickets: Rivky Tickets



That word produces awkwardness, fear. I often worry how to strategize how/if to share this peculiar, enigmatic subject matter. More so, expending energy on managing how to dodge sensory, thought distortions so that I simply carry on in society. Even here, I’m unable to confront a word that is in some way shape or form muddled up inside of a someone that is, me? Struggling self judgment, shame, periodically brushing off the “S” word like swatting a fly, (and I don’t mean shitty, but that certainly is the price one pays for this label). I want to forget it and often avoid the subject head on. Surrounded by a culture misinformed, not just on schizophrenia but seemingly a generation now experiencing a plethora of canned worms, pink elephants, blame shifting, collective guilt, accountabilities, lack of them, as well as a whole lot of convoluted snafus under, me too’s, black face, race, semantics, anti-semantics, words, cringed, over used, eggshell wire-walking, language play and anything else that’s been in the dirty soil collective before our constitution was even birthed. Aside from questioning the use of labels altogether, that is beside the point and I am on my own personal journey and I need not have to explain myself altogether to anyone. I’m an artist, a writer, a composer, not politically savvy at all. I’m just a keen observer of human behavior and social structures that crumble and get rebuilt…on fault. I’m one tiny, tiny viewpoint, at times a bit too wordy, fragmented, I can’t help it, whilst just sharing some melody, lyrics, art, sometimes making a few pit stops along my way, like performing this Sunday in NYC at Fountain House and Students With Schizophrenia along with Michelle Hammer, hosted by a powerful human being, Cecilia Anne McGough.

Schizophrenia is a word that exists in our consciousness whether heard about through that decades old TV lens, the story book monster in the asylum, the mathematician John Nash, high functioning, low functioning, somewhere in the middle, existing maybe in your own family…or dare I say even you. There are people around the world that live with this kind of brain often disrupting their hourly routine. Every. Single. Day. And many of them battle questions in their work or school day routine like, “will I lose out on that job opportunity?” Can I even go to school? Am I sharing too much? Too little? Is our generation vulnerably ready to listen to different people? I don’t quite know, really. Not everyone is ready nor will they have the time or the interest to engage. And that’s fine. But those who would like to attend, feel free to do so. No matter what you’re dealing with essentially it’s about remaining steady, keeping your chin up and just keeping yourself moving. That is all.

Sunday March 3rd, 2pm.
Fountain House

Much love,

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Hello dear ones!

It’s Rivky, I know, it’s been a loooooong time.

Did ya miss the music shenanigans @RockwoodMusicHall in NYC? Well, you’re in luck, I was royally invited by the beautiful people @TheBitterEnd to share some more melody and…meshugasen this Wed night. So I shall try to give you more trouble upon request. Including some of my latest recipes, Scotch’d Pistachio Caramel “Buttah” spread. It’s a woozy, that one…
Brian Sanders on Cello!
Impromptu. Messy. Broken. Beautiful. As it should be.
The Bitter End. Sweet.
This Wed Jan 9th, 2019
Music and other excursions for all the newbies here:

Download as many songs as your heart desires at suggested donation if ya like!
Thank you and GOOD night!! 😉 💞 Zzzzzzzzzzzzz……
p.s. If your friends or family would like to be added just send an email. Cheerio! 

Someone’s baaaaaaaaaack in NYC…!!! 🙂 Playing TWO shows this week!

Solo, raw, stripped down, (not literally, you naughty ones, though.. where the evening unwraps itself this holiday…tis the season…). Check out this Joni Mitchell: “River” with a “Hannukweer” spin!

Rockwood Music Hall
Thursday Dec 27th, 7:15pm!
Free show!

Pete’s Candy Store
Saturday Dec 29th, 10:30pm!
$10 suggested donation!

Happy holidaying!!

Music and other shenanigans:
Download as many songs as your heart desires at suggested donation if ya like!


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